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"i know oliver queen is the arrow

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Jamie Foxx discusses his lyrics to “Storm” (x)

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Sophia Loren and Princess Margaret
May 29, 1958

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aimily kiss on We Heart It.

television: favorite shows
Welcome to the real world. It sucks. You’re gonna love it.

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can we please stop killing our probation workers?

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i feel like today is hate oliver queen day in your ask... i love it
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Hahaha, it really is. And the best part is that he didn’t do anything that made me angry this week. But there have been enough past sins to fall back on…

keep it coming!!!


still the best thing thats ever come out of his mouth

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Certain people are tripping about Elijah. IMO his main offense is being "in the way" of a certain ship and that's why the shippers are reaching for reasons to bash him.
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I’m completely biased because I really like Elijah, I don’t think he’s perfect and I sure don’t think he’s honorable or decent, but I do think he’s a very interesting and complex character.

And the last episode made me even a bigger fan of the character. I like that he was finally going to be selfish and get what he wanted, but then he decided not to do it because Hayley was safe and happy, something that he can’t offer her, so he rather let her be happy and safe away from him than put her in danger to get what he wants. 

I love that he wants to have peace for his family, but he’s not against using force to make his point. And I love that he truly believes that he’s capable of giving up on his brother when we all know it’s never ever ever happening. 

And I’m not saying there’s nothing to hate about the character, I’m sure there’s a lot that people don’t like about him, but the hate he’s getting seems to be getting bigger lately and I don’t think he did anything worse than usual, but like I said, I’m biased. 

annieedisons, dairtodestiel & anon asked: Dair or Jeff/Annie

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So how will oliver pay for his lifestyle going forward ? Same goes for diggle and felicity. Maybe Laurel can blackmail the DA to get them all jobs ?
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Technically, I’m sure Felicity and Digg could get jobs because they have skills that companies would be interested in and value.

Oliver’s going to have to marry money. 

LMAO. Great Oliver shade <3

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